A financial investment by a generous donor has allowed us to partner with those employed in full-time vocational ministry who desire professional training at the graduate level. A new scholarship—the Teaching & Leading Scholarship—is available for students who wish to pursue a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning or a Master of Organizational Leadership.

The scholarship covers 60 percent of the cost of tuition, reducing tuition costs to $184.00 per credit hour. Current students in the Master of Education program may apply.

Candidates for the Teaching & Leading Scholarship include teachers and administrators in Christian schools, youth pastors, home educators, missionaries, pastors, those serving in ministry-related non-profit organizations, and more. To see if you qualify, please call 920.206.2345 or email us.

For MEd students, the scholarship is effective May 10, 2016 (Summer Session A) and is guaranteed through August 31, 2018 (Summer Session B). For MOL students, the scholarship is effective with the official launch of the program in fall 2016 and is guaranteed through August 31, 2018 (Summer Session B). Apply now for the scholarship by completing the form below.

The Teaching & Leading Scholarship is externally funded through Eternal Vision, a non-profit ministry devoted to teaching biblical stewardship and helping Christian ministries build endowments to improve quality.

Apply for the Scholarship

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  • Each student must apply for a scholarship before each fall and spring semester in order to receive the scholarship for that billing period. If you have not already done so, please apply for the MEd or MOL Program using the standard application.