Dr. Matthew Davis

Dr. Matthew Davis Announced as New Chief Executive Officer

Maranatha Baptist University is pleased to name Dr. Matthew Davis as MBU’s new Chief Executive Officer.

With great emotion, and yet remarkable composure, Dr. Marriott addressed the Maranatha family during the Faculty and Staff Meeting on Friday morning, December 11. The purpose of the meeting was to give an update on the restructuring of the leadership of the Executive Office.

“When I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in June of 2019,” Dr. Marriott began, “I immediately started talking with Dr. Jackson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and suggested we begin a transition of leadership and a plan for succession.” Dr. Marriott explained that his current position – combining both roles of president and CEO – would now be divided into two positions. As president, his primary focus will be providing spiritual leadership, promoting the university, and overseeing chapel. As CEO, Dr. Davis will oversee the complexity of the day-to-day workings of the school including academics, accreditation, and general decision making. Dr. Marriott was adamant, “This is my idea. I have done this freely because I think it’s best for the Lord’s work.”

Dr. Davis was reared in a pastor’s home and has been in ministry his whole life. He became a lawyer to enter legal ministry, and he served as a legal missionary at the Christian Law Association for nearly ten years before coming to Maranatha. He knows Maranatha and is the obvious choice to lead MBU in the coming days.

Dr. Doug Jackson asserted confidently, “Our best days are before us!”

Dr. Davis addressed the assembly saying, “This was a deliberate decision, made after a rigorous process by the board. I did not seek this, but I also will not back away from the Lord’s call in this.” He added, “‘Maranatha is ministry’ will be our unifying theme moving forward, and we will prove that out in tangible ways in the days ahead.”

This change is effective immediately.

Several board members were present who offered comments to the Maranatha family.

“I am grateful for what Maranatha is producing and don’t foresee that changing. No matter what is happening in our country, I foresee MBU having a great future. And Dr. Marriott, we hope you are president for another twenty years!” – Dr. David Anderson, MBU Board of Trustees

“The new CEO is a spiritual man committed to ministry. This is a strong step. Maranatha will be the same, but stronger.” – Dr. David Oliver, MBU Board of Trustees

Board Secretary, Dr. Bob Loggans, closed with a prayer of dedication for Dr. Davis.