Pastor’s Library

The Pastor's Library

The Pastor’s Library is compiled and maintained by the Faculty of Maranatha.

Here are the book lists we are making available so far:

Books are the tools of the pastor. This list identifies a few of the best books in each area of importance – books of the Bible, theology, and areas of ministry interest. The first book in each section should be the first to be purchased. Some of the books are annotated, giving you some basic information about the book and its usefulness. For the most part, the recommended books are exegetical and expositional. Devotional commentaries are generally not included in this list.

We have attempted to list mostly books that are currently available, but books go out of print frequently. If the book is available at, there is a link to it, so that you can check the availability of new and used books there. Feel free to order directly via the link – that will help Maranatha.

There are no books with which the faculty completely agree. Most of the books listed are from a covenant perspective. We have identified specifically those books which are written by dispensationalists. We have attempted to choose books which are very helpful to the pastor, teacher, and researcher. Books with significant problems, but which are still helpful in specific areas, are identified.