The Alumni officers welcome nominations for consideration of the Alumni of the Year Award. Nominations need to be submitted to Alumni Services. Use this form to submit nominations. If you have any questions, please contact John Davis.

Christian Servant

  • Designed to honor a layman
  • Faithful testimony with their chosen career
  • Faithful family testimony

Preaching Ministry

  • Given to a pastor who has faithfully demonstrated loyalty to the Word of God
  • Recognizing the essential contribution of a godly wife to her husband’s ministry, this award is given to a couple (if they are both graduates).

Christian Ministry

  • Given to graduates in a full-time ministry other than preaching
  • Service in ministry of Christian education, missions, camping, or other full time ministry

Additional Qualifications

  • Significant involvement in leadership in his/her fundamental, independent, Baptist church or to the cause of Christ in general
  • Demonstrated loyalty to Maranatha through prayer; giving (dues and/or other contributions); student referrals and/or their own children attending the College

Previous Alumni of the Year

2016: Matt and Jenni Lahmann (Preaching Ministry)
2015: Michael and June Backhaus (Preaching Ministry)
2015: Keith and Diane Warren (Preaching Ministry)
2013: Dr. Robert Lehn (Preaching Ministry)
2013: Richard and Marlene Post (Christian Ministry)
2012: Troy Budreau (Church Planter)
2012: Bryan Brock (Church Planter)
2012: David Marriott (Church Planter)
2011: Randy and Laurel Tanis (Christian Ministry)
2011: Mike and Debbie Jones (Christian Servant)
2011: Leo Mosier (Preaching Ministry)
2010: Dave and Linda Baldwin (Christian Servant)
2010: Dennis Ice (Christian Ministry)
2010: David Myers (Preaching Ministry)
2008: Charlotte Cedarholm (Christian Servant)
2008: David Anderson (Preaching Ministry)
2008: John Steuerwald (Christian Ministry)
2007: Steve Love (Preaching Ministry)
2007: Faith White (Christian Ministry)
2007: Kerrs and Hornecks (three generations)
2006: Phil Mikkelson (Preaching Ministry)
2006: Kathy Lawson (Christian Ministry)
2006: John and Cheryl Vegter (Christian Servant)
2005: Ben Peterson (Christian Servant)
2005: Dan Stertz (Preaching Ministry)
2005: Janis Foerster (Christian Ministry)
2004: Jeff and Jeanne Luttrull (Christian Servant)
2004: Christine Lincoln (Christian Ministry)
2004: David Zempel (Preaching Ministry)