New Bachelor’s To Master’s Option For Accounting CPA

To be a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you need to earn 150 credit hours of education, pass the CPA exam, and gain at least one year of experience. Many schools offer 150 credits in the form of a bachelor’s degree in accounting followed by a 30-credit master’s degree specifically focused on accounting. But what if you could earn the required 150 credits needed for your bachelor’s degree in accounting and a more well-rounded master’s degree upon graduation?

Maranatha Baptist University is pleased to announce that Accounting (CPA) majors now have the option to earn a Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) or a Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) as part of their undergraduate program.

“There are some classes offered in the MOL and MNA programs that fit into the current Accounting (CPA) degree,” Dr. Tracy Foster, Dean of the School of Business shared.

Students can replace some of the 27 business elective credits, and the 10-credit analytical and communication component, with master’s level courses to earn a MOL or MNA while they pursue their BBA.  About half of the undergraduate courses count as dual credit toward one of the master’s degrees.

“If students are motivated and willing to make sure they’re on track with course scheduling, they can do this,” Foster stated. “Students can still choose to go the traditional [undergraduate only] route. [The master’s degrees] are just other options.”

“This [option] is going to help students get to the next level. It sets them apart and gives them more career options,” Foster asserted.

Rising college sophomores and juniors interested in starting this program should contact Dr. Foster as soon as possible to see how they can take advantage of this new opportunity.