Train to be a business leader

Train to be a Business Leader

The business world today focuses on building the biggest and best company. As a business student, I am constantly working to develop a better understanding of the world I am about to enter. Every aspect of the MBU Business education points me to becoming a business leader.

At Maranatha, I have developed my understanding of the business world and prepared for the future under professors that care about me. Through engaging classes and projects built on a biblical foundation, MBU is preparing me, and so many others, to succeed as a business leader. 

The Business of Building Relationships

As Steve Board, one of my current professors, says, relationships are the key to success in the professional business world. The classroom setting gives helpful concepts and tips for success. But, if you want to grow your career, you must be willing to go out and build connections.

At Maranatha, the business faculty work directly with outside businesses to foster relationships and understand what employers are looking for. Steve Board arranges business breakfasts every semester, providing a way for busy college students to connect with business professionals right on campus.

We also learn how to build these connections through classes such as Business Communication. The course grows your verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Through the projects and class interactions, I learned to be professional and clear in every form of communication. Because we cannot not communicate.

Classes for the Business Leader

In addition to Business Communications, every class is designed to show us our strengths and improve our weaknesses. In these classes, professors seek to help us learn from their professional experiences.

The faculty work to develop us as professionals, but they also continually seek to help us grow as individuals.

I’ve personally met with some of my professors to get help with classwork or to get advice for internships. Because of the smaller campus size, I typically pass at least one of my professors on the sidewalk every day.

Each professor knows my name. They know what I am studying, where I am from, and the other campus opportunities I am involved in.

During this time of working online, my classmates and I make weekly reflections that keep us connected by sharing our personal successes and struggles along with any prayer requests.

On our last day of classes before transitioning to online, I talked with Dr. Jeff Drost after class. I was able to thank him for the impact he has had on me, and he encouraged me and gave me tips for continuing to work hard during the transition.

When I say that they care, I promise that they do. They show it through their willingness to help students as individuals in every stage of their education.

A Business Leader with a Christian Foundation

In addition to equipping us for the business world, the business faculty work to instill Christian values and principles in every single business student.

Class sessions are opened with scripture. Dr. Tracy Foster opens every class period with a Bible verse that reinforces the concepts we study in Accounting. This shows the immediate connections that God has given us from His Word for our everyday lives.

Papers and projects are designed to help us connect with Christian business professionals and gain encouragement from their experience. One project allowed me to build a relationship and learn from a Christian manager who has been in the business field for years.

It is one thing to learn about marketing or management in the classroom, but it’s a completely different perspective to talk with someone who works as a manager every day.

All of these factors combine to make the School of Business a setting designed to prepare students for success. Maranatha is a wonderful place for you to develop yourself as a business student and a future Christian business leader.

If you’re considering a career in the Business field, choose MBU. You will gain the tools you need to be a competent business person and the leadership experience to make a difference wherever you go.

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