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Overview | Pre-Medicine

Perhaps your long-term interest is to become a medical doctor, and you are looking for a program that provides a solid foundation in the sciences, taught from a Christian perspective. Maranatha Baptist University’s Pre-Medicine program prepares undergraduate students to enter medical school. The pre-medicine degree includes all of the required course prerequisites necessary to be considered for acceptance into an MD program.


Program Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to comprehensively explain concepts and issues in biology.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to design experiments to test original hypotheses using appropriate laboratory or field procedures.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply science and mathematics in the analysis and interpretation of data from lab experiments.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to present scientific research and critical analysis in oral presentations and technical writing.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to use scientific knowledge to declare the glory of the Creator as revealed in the Bible and His creation.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to function as a servant leader in a team environment.

Suggested Course Schedule

Semester 1

General Biology 1 (4)
General Chemistry 1 (4)
Old Testament Survey (3)
English Composition 1 (3)
Music Elective (2)

Total Credits: 16

Semester 2

New Testament Survey (3)
English Composition 2 (3)
General Biology 2 (4)
General Chemistry 2 (4)
The Modern World (3)

Total Credits: 17

Semester 1

hristian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism (3)
Modern Creationary Thought (3)
Humanities Elective* (3)
Probability and Statistics (3)
Technical Writing (3)

Total Credits: 15

*Students planning to go to medical school should choose General Psychology and Intro. to Sociology

Semester 2

Anatomy and Physiology 1 (4)
Microbiology (4)
Calculus 1 (5)
Baptist Heritage (3)

Total Credits: 16

Semester 1

Anatomy and Physiology 2 (4)
Organic Chemistry 1 (4)
Biochemistry 1 (4)
General Physics 1 (4)

Total Credits: 16

Semester 2

Organic Chemistry 2 (4)
Biochemistry 2 (4)
Bible Doctrine 1 or 2 (3)
General Physics 2 (4)
Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2)

Total Credits: 18

Semester 1

Cell and Molecular Biology 1 (3)
Literature Elective (3)
American Studies Elective (3)
Genetics (3)
Bible Doctrine 1 or 2 (3)

Total Credits: 15

Semester 2

Cell and Molecular Biology 2 (3)
Humanities Elective* (3)
Open Elective (4)
Apologetics (2)
Bible Elective (3)

Total Credits: 15

Alumni Spotlight

Nick Bergum (’20)
After working as a paramedic for nearly twelve years with Green County EMS, Nick Bergum (’20) moved his family to Watertown in 2017 to earn a BS Pre-Medicine. While pursuing his degree, Nick started working full-time at the UW Hospital. Although the workload was difficult, Nick was thankful for the MBU faculty. “The Lord used them to encourage and help me, and though there were rough days with sickness and loss of sleep, emails from the staff asking how they could pray for us were definitely an encouragement.”

Rachel Prigge (‘19)
Rachel Prigge (‘19) graduated with a BS in Pre-Medicine. After finishing the Surgical First Assistant program, she will begin working at Mayo Clinic full time. From exchanging robotic arms to running the laparoscopic camera, she is learning to play an active role in surgery. In reflecting on lessons learned at Maranatha, Rachel says, “‘Trusting God’ is not complete without work on my end. God wonderfully provides but expects us to take steps towards our goals and not be passive about the path He sets before us.”

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Potential Career Fields

Physician assistant
Physical therapist

*Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees,
specialized training, or addtional certification and licenses.

MBU Program Faculty

Mr. Phil Price

College of Arts and Science | Associate Professor
MAT Teaching Mathematics, University of Idaho
BS Mathematics Education, Maranatha Baptist University

Dr. Marcos Garza-Madrid

College of Arts and Science | Associate Professor
PhD Engineering Sciences/Biotechnology, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiories de Monterrey, Monterrey, NL, Mexico
BMed, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiories de Monterrey, Monterrey, NL, Mexico

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