Bachelor of Science in Bible

multicultural Bible study

The BS in Bible is a flexible degree (128 credits) designed to provide students with a biblical and theological foundation for personal ministry. Taking time for in-depth, academic study of God’s Word will prove valuable whether you just want to know more about the Bible or whether you are preparing for a future in vocational ministry. Gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God while continuing to serve in your local church.

Bachelor's-Master's Pathway

By taking Seminary courses while enrolled as an undergraduate, you can meet requirements for both this program and a future Seminary degree. You could graduate with as few as 3 credits left to finish your MA in Bible. Contact an advisor to learn more about this exciting option!

Key Courses

  • 1&2 Corinthians (BIBI 361)
  • Apologetics (BIPH 433)
  • Baptist Heritage (BIBC 321)
  • Bible Doctrine 1 (BIBI 315)
  • Bible Doctrine 2 (BIBI 316)
  • Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism (BIBC 230)
  • Modern Creationary Thought (BIBC 233)
  • Proverbs & Ecclesiastes (BIBI 330)

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