Business Community Breakfast: Having a Positive Influence

Business Community Breakfast 2013

Chuck Warner of Edward Jones Investments has been impressed by the work ethic of Maranatha students. He served as Chairman of the Riverside Chamberland Project, a community-built children’s playground project in Watertown.

“We were able to attract a lot of Maranatha folks to help work that project,” Warner said. “The work ethic that they showed was remarkable,” he added.

The 17 acres of park and playground were completed in just five days. According to Chuck, “many thanks to the Maranatha students.”

He and 101 other members of the business community gathered at the Dining Complex to connect and learn more about Maranatha.

Jeremy Cumber of Associated Bank said “It’s a great opportunity to meet other members of the business community in Watertown, as well as show support for the local schools.”

Business Community Breakfast 2013After having a few moments to meet and talk, attendees enjoyed breakfast, then short presentations from Athletic Director Rob Thompson, Chair of the Humanities Department Jeff Miller, and College President Dr. Marty Marriott.

Thompson emphasized many of the accomplishments of teams and individual students and encouraged attendees to come out and watch the Crusaders compete.

Jeff Miller related his own experience as a Maranatha student. “During my time here, Maranatha began pursuing its regional accreditation,” he said. That accreditation helped Jeff as he pursued his Masters degree at the University of Akron, and now his Phd. at Regents University.

Dr. Marriott focused on the character of our students.

He spoke from Titus 3 about the need for Christians to “maintain good works,” telling attendees, many of which employ Maranatha students, that one of our purposes is to train good employees. “When we are doing our job as we need to do it, we’re letting Christ shine through us,” he said.

Organizer of the breakfast and Director of Development Steve Board related the story of one business man that wondered what made Watertown unique? “After four years here, his answer was Maranatha,” Board said. “He found that Maranatha offers a lot, not just the education, not just the projects, but culturally – the positive influence that we can have on the community.”