Accounting (CPA)

Glorifiying God in the details

For the Christian accountant, a career is an opportunity to daily demonstrate godly excellence and attention to detail. Career options for accountants are numerous. Men and women that can manage the financial details of businesses and organizations are in demand around the country. Maranatha is committed to training individuals to fill these positions. We are also committed to exposing students to the many needs that arise in the local church. Professionals that can be a ministry to their congregation in financial matters are desperately needed.

"Helping a ministry in its financial management policies and procedures is a very effective way to demonstrate leadership in your local church." - Dr. Corey Pfaffe, Dean, School of Business

Accounting in the real world

Tara Watterson, a graduate from the Accounting CPA program, says she had “no difficulty being accepted into graduate school.” She also declares, “Maranatha provided a well-rounded business education. Marketing, management, and economic classes greatly aided and added perspective to graduate school and current responsibilities.” For those who fear that accounting is a dry, dull profession, Tara contends that it is a vibrant atmosphere filled with cloud collaboration, client meetings, and business consultations. As an encouragement to a student who is curious, Tara urges, “If you believe God has directed you into the accounting field, stay focused, do not give up, and trust Him to lead you.”

Our faculty knows accounting

Dr. Corey Pfaffe has served as the Dean of Maranatha’s School of Business since 1989. He also chairs the College Finance committee. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with more than 25 years of professional experience, he regularly consults with churches, Christian ministries and small businesses.

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