Math Education

A numbers world

In today’s global economy, students need to know how to apply math more than ever. From problem solving to percentages, math is practical for everyday life and for a career. America has an acute shortage of math teachers, so the Math Education degree will open doors to a teaching career.

Maranatha’s Baptist Christian Math Education degree also opens doors beyond the classroom and allows you to pursue graduate work in other disciplines, such as science or medicine. Math allows you to measure data in science and research, determine drug dosages in medicine, or calculate and interpret statistics in politics, economics, and even baseball.

"Our journey as Christian math teachers center[s] on seeking God in our discipline." Phil Price - Faculty

Math for a higher power

Matt Harmless (’00) was named Teacher of the Year at Mary Miller Junior High School and for the entire Georgetown-Ridge Farm (IL) School District. Harmless, who has taught junior high and high school math there since 2009, is also pastor of Edgewood Baptist Church in Danville, IL. “We have had some tragedies in our school, and God began opening doors for me to encourage kids and staff members who were struggling with the things we’ve been through,” Harmless said. “I am not a better teacher than anybody else, but I am glad to have had a rapport with people as someone who cares.”

Our faculty knows education

“I love helping my students acquire the tools they will need to be successful in the classroom,” Dr. Christine Lincoln said. “My desire is to train quality Christian teachers.”

Dr. Lincoln brings both academic and practical skills to her classes. She taught in an elementary school for 20 years, but also earned a master’s degree and a Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Read more about our Teacher Education faculty.

Teacher licensure program

Teacher education graduates at Maranatha can apply for licensure through both the American Association of Christian Schools and the State of Wisconsin.

Our teacher education programs are approved for teacher certification through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Click here for more information on teacher licensing.

Your potential career

  • Junior high or high school teacher
  • Educational writer
  • Curriculum writer
  • Actuary

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Freshman Fieldwork0Foundations of Education2
Introduction to Sociology3Calculus 25
Calculus 15Old or New Testament Survey3
Math Seminar 11English Composition 23
Old or New Testament Survey3The Modern World3
English Composition 13
Music Elective2
Fall Spring 
Secondary & Middle School Teaching Methods2Sophomore Fieldwork0
Calculus 33Human Relations3
Developmental Psychology3Linear Algebra3
Baptist Heritage3Probability & Statistics3
Science Elective3Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3
General Psychology3Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
Literature Elective3
Fall Spring 
The Exceptional Child3Junior Practicum0
Instructional Media & Technology3Educational Psychology3
Advanced Geometry3Secondary School Reading3
Abstract Algebra3Teaching Mathematics3
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23Math Seminar 21
Open Elective1Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
American Studies Elective3
Fall Spring 
Education Seminar0Student Teaching12
Pre-ST Portfolio Review0
Classroom Management2
Educational Assessment2
Math Courses4
Bible Elective3
Science Elective3