Marketing Management

Marketing your management skills

Marketing means much more than attractive copy or catchy ads. It involves acquiring meaningful data to identify consumer needs and make decisions about product development, pricing, positioning, and other strategic functions.

If you’re interested in acquiring specific skills in such marketing activities as sales, research, buyer behavior, and international business, Maranatha’s Baptist Marketing Management degree will prepare you well. Research projects and multimedia class presentations will enhance your communication skills and creativity. You may also look over the details for our Digital Media Marketing major.

"Helping a ministry in its financial management policies and procedures is a very effective way to demonstrate leadership in your local church." - Dr. Corey Pfaffe, Dean, School of Business

Byers Media

Autumn (Byers, '07) Ifland is an account executive with Byers Media, which represents seven outdoor magazines. Her primary responsibility is to write proposals for prospective clients, but she also builds professional relationships by taking them on hunting trips to the West. She once returned with a nine-point buck. The Marketing Management major teaches Sunday school at her local church. View her work on her website.

Our faculty knows marketing

Dr. Corey Pfaffe has served as the Dean of Maranatha’s School of Business since 1989. He also chairs the College Finance committee. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with more than 25 years of professional experience, he regularly consults with churches, Christian ministries and small businesses.

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Your potential career

  • Marketing writer or editor
  • Product development
  • Marketing research
  • Retail management
  • Promotion management
  • Direct marketing
  • Personal selling
  • Sales management
  • Customer service
  • Website design

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Introduction to Business & Management3Microsoft Excel1
Computer Applications Seminar1Old or New Testament Survey3
Old or New Testament Survey3English Composition 23
English Composition 13Science Elective3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2Music Elective2
The Modern World3Concentration/Minor Elective4
Fall Spring 
Principles of Accounting 14Principles of Accounting 24
Principles of Marketing3Microsoft Access1
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3BUMG 211 or 2313
American Studies Elective3Baptist Heritage3
Concentration/Minor Elective3Probability and Statistics3
Concentration/Minor Elective3
Fall Spring 
BUMG 211 or 2313Microeconomics3
Macroeconomics3Buyer Behavior3
BUMK 452 or 4573Marketing Elective3
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Literature Elective3Concentration/Minor Elective3
Concentration/Minor Elective3
Fall Spring 
BUMK 452 or 4573Business Strategy Capstone3
Marketing Elective9Marketing Elective6
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Concentration/Minor Elective4