Music Education

A Tradition of Excellent Preparation

If you wish to teach classroom music or direct school music groups, Maranatha’s fully-accredited program provides the Music Education major with the background needed for excellent music teaching in public or private schools. Maranatha Baptist’s music education degree also gives you quality preparation for acceptance into graduate school.

With a degree from Maranatha, you’ll be equipped to minister through music wherever the Lord leads you. Why settle for less than the best in music education?


“My favorite part of teaching at Maranatha is the opportunities I have to teach and live out my faith.” – Dr. Michelle Clater, Faculty


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Our faculty knows music

Dr. Rick Townsend came to Maranatha in 1996 to direct the music teacher education and instrumental music programs, and now has more than 45 years of music teaching experience. He has taught all levels of music in public and Christian schools. This includes early childhood music and movement classes, elementary general music, keyboard, secondary band and choir, college instrumental, and adult community groups. Read more about Dr. Townsend.

Teacher licensure program

Teacher education graduates at Maranatha can apply for licensure through both the American Association of Christian Schools and the State of Wisconsin.

Our teacher education programs are approved for teacher certification through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Click here for more information on teacher licensing.

Your potential career

  • Elementary General – High School Band Director
  • Elementary General – High School Choir Director
  • Elementary General  – High School General Music Teacher
  • Graduate School

Your potential schedule (Piano Pedagogy)

Fall Spring 
Freshman Fieldwork0Foundations of Education2
Introduction to Sociology3General Psychology3
Piano Pedagogy 12Piano Pedagogy 22
Introductory Music Seminar0Introduction to Winds0
Basic Music Literature3Piano Freshman Fieldwork 0.25
Aural Skills Foundations2Harmony 12
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Primary Proficiency Lesson1
Secondary Proficiency Lesson1Secondary Proficiency Lesson1
Performing Group0.5Secondary Proficiency Test0
Repertoire0Keyboard Skills 1 (Remedial)(1)
Old or New Testament Survey3Performing Group0.5
English Composition 13Repertoire0
Freshman Platform0
Old or New Testament Survey3
English Composition 23
Fall Spring Summer 
Developmental Psychology3Sophomore Fieldwork0Knowing Early Childhood Music and Movement1
Piano Pedagogy 3 or Keyboard Lit.2Instructional Media and Tech3Knowing Middle Childhood Music and Movement1
Sophomore Student Teaching 10.5The Exceptional Child3
Intermediate Aural Skills1Sophomore Student Teaching 20.5
Harmony 22Early Childhood Music and Movement1
Introduction to Music Technology2Hymnplaying 11
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Piano Sophomore Fieldwork0.25
Keyboard Skills 2 (Remedial) (1)Secondary & Middle School Teaching Methods2
Performing Group0.5Harmony 32
Repertoire0Primary Proficiency Lesson1
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3Keyboard Skills 3 (Remedial) (1)
The Modern World3Performing Group0.5
Sophomore Platform0
Baptist Heritage3
Fall Spring Summer 
Human Relations3Junior Practicum0American Studies Elective3
Hymnplaying 21Classroom Management2Math Elective3
Junior Student Teaching 10.5Junior Student Teaching 20.5
Advanced Aural Skills1Middle Childhood Music and Movement2
Harmony 42Form and Analysis2
Elementary Conducting2Advanced Conducting2
Music History Course2Music History Course2
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Counterpoint2
Keyboard Skills 4 (Remedial)(1)Primary Proficiency Lesson1
Performing Group0.5Performing Group0.5
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
Fall Spring 
Educational Assessment2Education Seminar0
Orchestration2Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio Review0
Music History Course2Educational Psychology3
Piano Pedagogy Practicum1Senior Student Teaching 20.5
Senior Student Teaching 10.5Music History Course2
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Primary Proficiency Lesson with Senior Recital1
Performing Group0.5Performing Group0.5
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Literature Elective3Humanities Elective3
Life or Physical Science Elective3Life or Physical Science Elective3
Student Teaching12

Your potential career (Choral or Instrumental track)

Fall Spring Summer 
Freshman Fieldwork0Foundations of Education2Knowing Brass
(Required for Instrumental Track)
(See advisor for correct scheduling of fieldwork and methods classes)
Introduction to Sociology3General Psychology3
Introductory Music Seminar0Harmony 12
Aural Skills Foundations2Primary Proficiency Lesson1
Basic Music Literature3Introduction to Winds0
Introduction to Music Technology2Keyboard Skills 1
(Required for Piano Proficiency)
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Sec Prof Lesson1
Funct Piano Skills (Sec Piano Prof) Sec Prof Lesson1Performing Group0.5
Performing Group0.5Repertoire0
Repertoire0Old or New Testament Survey3
Old or New Testament Survey3English Composition 23
English Composition 13Fund. of Public Speaking2
Fall Spring Summer 
Developmental Psychology3Sophomore Fieldwork0Know Early Chldhd Music & Mvmnt1
Method Course1Human Relations3Know Mid Chldh Music & Mvmn1
Intermediate Aural Skills1The Exceptional Child3Knowing Percussio1
Introduction to Winds0Secondary & Middle School Teaching Methods2Know Choral Pedagogy
(Required for Choral Track)
Harmony 22Harmony 32
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Methods Course1
Performing Group0.5Primary Proficiency Lesson1
Keyboard Skills 2
(Required for Piano Proficiency)
(1)Keyboard Skills 3
(Required for Piano Proficiency)
Repertoire0Secondary Proficiency Test0
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3Performing Group0.5
Literature Elective3Repertoire0
The Modern World3Baptist Heritage3
Physical Science Elective3
Fall Spring Summer 
Middle Childhood Music & Movement2Junior Practicum0Knowing Woodwinds
(Choral Track takes Knowing Woodwinds or Knowing Brass. Instrumental Track takes both.)
Method Course
(See advisor for correct scheduling of fieldwork and methods classes.)
1Instructional Media & Tech3Know Instrmntl Classrm Mthds
(Required for Instrumental Track.)
Harmony 42Early Childhood Music & Mvmnt1Know Music Prgrm Admin1
Music History Course2Methods Course
(See advisor for correct scheduling of fieldwork and methods classes.)
1Know Choral Classrm Mthds
(Required for Choral Track.)
Elementary Conducting2Counterpoint2
Orchestration2Music History course2
Form and Analysis2Advanced Conducting2
Advanced Aural Skills1Primary Lesson w/ Jr Recital1
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Performing Group0.5
Keyboard Skills 4
(Required for Piano Proficiency.)
Performing Group0.5Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Repertoire0Math Elective3
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Fall Spring 
Classroom Management2Educational Psychology3
Instrumental Classroom Methods
(Required for Instrumental Track)
1Education Seminar0
Music Program Administration2Pre-ST Portfolio Review0
Choral Methods Course
(See advisor for correct scheduling of fieldwork and methods classes.)
1Educational Assessment2
Music History Course2Methods Course
(See advisor for correct scheduling of fieldwork and methods classes.)
Primary Proficiency Lesson1Choral Classroom Methods
(Required for Choral Track)
Performing Group0.5Music History Course2
Repertoire0Primary Lesson w/ Sr Recital1
Bible Elective3Performing Group0.5
Humanities Elective3Choral Methods Course
(See advisor for correct scheduling of fieldwork and methods classes.)
Life Science Elective3Bible Electives3
American Studies Elective3
Student Teaching12

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