Biblical Counseling

Using Scripture to resolve the issues of life

Depression, broken relationships, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, pornography: where do people go for answers to these problems? Many turn to modern psychology, which fails to give the hope that those troubles can be permanently resolved; it cannot solve problems of the heart. Others seek help from counselors who blend modern psychology with the Bible, unfortunately weakening the Bible’s strength.

If you believe that the Bible offers hope to change lives for God’s glory and could see yourself offering biblical counsel to hurting individuals, then this degree will provide you with a solid base of Bible and theology and a useful introduction to biblical counseling. For further study, a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling is offered in Maranatha’s Seminary.

"Strong relationships, discipleship, and mentoring are parts of our ultimate task—to produce Christian character." - Brian Trainer, Faculty

Our faculty knows counseling

“To be involved in Christian ministry is an utmost privilege, a solemn responsibility, a divine stewardship, and an extreme joy. Our desire is to train individuals who understand and appreciate the opportunity of being vocationally involved in handling the Word of God,” Brian Trainer.

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Our Commitment Statements

Maranatha’s Doctrinal Statement originated in the very first year of Maranatha’s existence. During the summer of 2009, the university Bible faculty and the seminary faculty created an expansion of the doctrinal statement and set forth the following declaration of its commitment to biblical truth and its application of that truth to the lives of its students, staff, and faculty. The purpose of this statement was to make clear to the Board of Trustees the commitment of the Bible faculty to biblical truth and the positions that Maranatha has historically held.

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Your potential schedule (Men)

Fall Spring 
Old or New Testament Survey3New or Old Testament Survey3
Pastoral Theology2General Psychology3
Greek Grammar 14Pastoral Theology2
English Composition 13Greek Grammar 24
The Modern World3English Composition 23
Fall Spring 
History of Christianity3Baptist Heritage3
Christian Life and Leadership3Biblical Interpretation3
Introduction to Biblical Counseling3The Biblical Counselor3
Pastoral Theology2Pastoral Theology2
Greek Reading3Exegetical Grammar3
Music Appreciation2Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
Fall Spring 
Theology 13Theology 32
Methods in Mentoring2The Christian Home2
Counseling & Psychology2Counseling Seminar2
Homiletics2Homiletics Practicum2
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Math or Science Elective3Math or Science Elective3
Introduction to Philosophy2American Studies Elective3
Counseling Internship2
Fall Spring 
Theology 42Theology 23
Counseling Problems and Procedures3Counseling Techniques3
Pastoral Theology2Pastoral Theology2
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Literature Elective3

Your potential schedule (Women)

Christian Life 11New Testament Survey2
Old Testament Survey2English Composition 23
General Psychology3The Modern World3
English Composition 13Math Elective3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2Minor3
Music Appreciation2Open Elective2
Science Elective3
Fall Spring 
Christian Life and Leadership3Baptist Heritage3
Introduction to Biblical Counseling3Biblical Interpretation3
Music Appreciation2The Biblical Counselor3
Open Elective5Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
Open Elective3
Fall Spring 
Theology 13Theology 32
Methods in Mentoring2The Christian Home2
Counseling & Pschology2Counseling Seminar2
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Introduction to Philosophy2American Studies Elective3
Fall Spring 
Theology 42Theology 23
Counseling Problems and Procedures3Counseling Techniques3
Gender Issues in Counseling3Bible Elective3
Bible Elective3Minor3
Ethics2Literature Elective3

Your potential career

  • Christian school counselor
  • Training for pastoral work
  • Crisis pregnancy counselor
  • Youth worker
  • Christian group home counselor
  • Christian addiction program counselor
  • Marriage counselor