English Education

Speaking their language

Would you like to cross paths with some of the greatest writers of all time? A wide range of literature is waiting for you to read, analyze, and critique, and the English education program will teach you to exercise critical thinking skills. You’ll also sharpen your own composition skills in a variety of genres such as creative, technical, journalistic, and argumentative writing. By the time you leave Maranatha, you’ll be ready to engage others in an exciting and challenging world of literature, composition, and grammar.

“Without exception, my teachers from Maranatha were the best teachers I had.” – Angela Morris, Faculty, Alumnus

English (without) education

If you still want to learn more about the English language and literature, but do not want to be a teacher, then you will want to look into Maranatha's English major. This major immerses you in a wide range of literature, while teaching important critical thinking skills. You will learn to evaluate written material, whether from a famous author or pieces you write yourself. The English major also teaches you valuable writing skills which can be useful in a wide range of fields.

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Our faculty knows English

After teaching at Maranatha for over 20 years, Mrs. Angela Morris knows teaching isn’t just about classroom instruction.

“Some of my favorite times are when students stop by my office to talk to me, not merely about English, but also about their burdens about friends, or home, or their own struggles.”

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Teacher licensure program

Teacher education graduates at Maranatha can apply for licensure through the State of Wisconsin as well as both the American Association of Christian Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International.

All teacher education majors are approved for teacher certification through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Click here for more information on teacher licensing.

Your potential career

  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Proofreader
  • Editor
  • Literacy tutor
  • Writing lab coordinator
  • Librarian

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Introduction to Sociology3Foundations of Education2
Christian Life 11Developmental Psychology3
Old Testament Survey2New Testament Survey2
English Composition 13English Composition 23
The Modern World3General Pyschology3
Math Elective3Physical Science Elective3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
American Masterpieces3
Fall Spring 
Human Relations3Secondary School Reading3
Composition & Literature3Sophomore Field Work0
British Literature Survey to 17893Shakespeare3
Baptist Heritage3British Literature Survey: 1789 to Present3
Bible Elective2Christian Life 21
U S History 13Principles of Bible Study2
U S History 23
Life Science Elective3
Fall Spring 
Upper Level Status0Educational Psychology3
The Exceptional Child3Adolescent Literature3
Advanced Writing3Junior Field Work0
Sec. & Middle School Teaching Methods2Literary Criticism3
Instructional Media & Technology3Advanced Grammar & Linguistics3
Classroom Management2History of the English Language2
Christian Life 31Bible Doctrine 23
Bible Doctrine 13
Fall Spring 
Education Seminar0Supervised Student Teaching-License12
Pre-ST Portfolio Review0Post-ST Portfolio Review0
English Courses6
Educational Assessment2
Teaching English3
Bible Elective4
Music Elective2