History Education

Learning from the past

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

This saying, though often repeated, is a stern reminder that history is important to understand. Secular textbooks and professors increasingly “revise” history by leaving out religious references. The History Education major provides the prospective teacher of history with competent knowledge of historical events, as considered through a biblical worldview. With courses in education and history, you’ll acquire an understanding of the global development of civilization as well as solid pedagogical skills for teaching. Get ready to gain experience in planning, supplementing, and evaluating the teaching-learning process.

“I have found that the classes I took at Maranatha were very beneficial” – Andrew Vawter (’06)

History for future generations

Andrew Vawter (’06) teaches five sections of senior Economics at Boyd High School in McKinney, TX. He is also head junior varsity football coach and the quarterbacks coach for the varsity. “I really enjoy the interaction with the kids,” Vawter said. “I try to emphasize free-market economics, because that is what’s happening out there right now. I have found that the classes I took at Maranatha were very beneficial. All of the economics, history, and social studies classes I took were directly related to what I do now.”


Our faculty knows education

“I love helping my students acquire the tools they will need to be successful in the classroom,” Dr. Christine Lincoln said. “My desire is to train quality Christian teachers.”

Dr. Lincoln brings both academic and practical skills to her classes. She taught in an elementary school for 20 years, but also earned a master’s degree and a Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction.


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Teacher licensure program

Teacher education graduates at Maranatha can apply for licensure through both the American Association of Christian Schools and the State of Wisconsin.

Our teacher education programs are approved for teacher certification through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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Your potential career

  • History teacher
  • Archivist
  • Researcher
  • Museum curator
  • History curriculum developer
  • Historical site guide

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Introduction to Sociology3Foundations of Education2
The Modern World3New Testament Survey2
Christian Life 11Principles of Bible Study2
Old Testament Survey2English Composition 23
English Composition 13General Psychology3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2Physical Science Elective3
Concepts in Environmental Science3
Fall Spring 
United States History 13United States History 23
Early American Political Thought3Choose HUHI 250 or HUHI 3353
Ancient Civilizations3Sec. & Mdl Sch. Teaching Mthds.2
Human Relations3Sophomore Fieldwork0
Developmental Pyschology3History Elective3
Music Elective2Christian Life 21
Baptist Heritage3
Bible Elective2
Literature Elective3
Fall Spring 
Upper Level Status0Educational Assessment2
Secondary School Reading3Teaching Social Studies3
Educational Psychology3The Exceptional Child3
20th Century History3Junior Fieldwork0
Historical Method & Philosophy3History Elective3
Classroom Management2Christian Life 31
Bible Doctrine 13Bible Doctrine 23
Bible Elective2
Fall Spring 
Education Seminar0Supervised Student Teaching-License12
Pre-ST Portfolio Review0Post-ST Portfolio Review0
Instructional Media & Technology3
History Elective6
Bible Elective2
Math Elective3