Humanities: Liberal Arts

Broad-based and widespread

Based on the classic university tradition of a college education, the Liberal Arts major is the broadest of all the Humanities programs, combining elements of several disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, speech, math, science, and business. The Liberal Arts major exposes you to a wide variety of courses, allowing you to explore the conditions and concerns of humanity as well as historical events that have shaped the world. To focus your studies, you’ll choose a concentration or minor ranging from Aviation to Youth Ministries.

"The broad-based education, especially the sociology and psychology classes, really helped prepare me” - Dan Akins, ('08)

A liberating profession

Dan Akins (’08) has been able to put his Coaching minor to use as a high school football coach and his Humanities-Liberal Arts major to use as a policeman for the City of Wauwatosa (WI). “The broad-based education, especially the sociology and psychology classes, really helped prepare me for the people and social groups I deal with day-in and day-out,” Akins said. “I’ve been blessed with a job I enjoy. Sitting at a desk doing computer work would not have been my cup of tea. I deal with something new every day. Even a routine traffic stop is never routine.”


Our faculty knows liberal arts

One of the favorite teachers at Maranatha is Mr. Zwolanek, fondly known as Mr. Z. Michael Zwolanek teaches the history and sociology courses at Maranatha. He has worked at Maranatha since 1995 and enjoys studying history, especially African American history.

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Other humanities options

Your potential career

(some may require further training or education)

  • Advertising executive
  • Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Research assistant
  • Convention planner
  • Public relations
  • Intelligence agent
  • Political staff
  • Teacher in community college
  • Management
  • Social scientist
  • Political scientist
  • Government worker
  • Business
  • International aid agent
  • Immigration
  • Human resources specialist

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Christian Life 11College Algebra3
Old Testament Survey2General Psychology3
English Composition 13Computer Application Seminar1
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2New Testament Survey2
The Modern World3English Composition 23
Music Elective2Humanities Elective3
Math Elective3
Fall Spring 
Computer Technology Elective2Psychology and Human Behavior Elective3
Baptist Heritage3Literature or Writing Elective3
Principles of Bible Study2Science Elective3
Minor3Christian Life 21
Science Elective3Bible Elective2
Humanities Elective3Minor3
Open Elective2
Fall Spring 
Introduction to Philosophy2Literature or Writing Elective3
Macroeconomics3Speech Elective2
Computer Technology Elective2Christian Life 31
Bible Doctrine 13Bible Doctrine 23
Minor3American Studies Elective3
Literature Elective3Minor3
Open Elective1
Fall Spring 
National Government3Apologetics2
Business Elective3Science Elective3
Math Elective (above College Algebra)3Bible Elective2
Bible Elective2Minor3
Minor3Open Elective6
Open Elective2