Church Music

Music in ministry

Do you have genuine musical ability and a desire to serve the Lord through a sacred music ministry? Because Christ-honoring music is an essential part of worship, Maranatha’s caring, high-caliber music instructors are dedicated to teaching music majors to develop their God-given abilities for ministry in the local church. Music majors who select the Church Music track enjoy a program centered on excellence and ministry versatility. Courses such as Harmony 1 through 4, Hymnology, and Music in the Local Church will give you the needed skills to integrate Scripture, music, instruments, and voice into worship services. In addition to excellent academic training, you’ll benefit from a Church Music internship. You may also look over the details for our Music Performance major.

“My favorite part of teaching at Maranatha is the opportunities I have to teach and live out my faith.” – Dr. Michelle Clater, Faculty

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Our faculty knows music

Dr. Rick Townsend came to Maranatha in 1996 to direct the music teacher education and instrumental music programs, and now has more than 35 years of music teaching experience. He has taught all levels of music in public and Christian schools. This includes early childhood music and movement classes, elementary general music, keyboard, secondary band and choir, college instrumental, and adult community groups. Read more about our Music faculty.

Your potential career

  • Church music administrator
  • Song leader
  • Composer
  • Instrumental arranger
  • Choir director
  • Church instrumentalist
  • Choral arranger
  • Orchestra conductor

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Basic Music Literature3Harmony 12
Aural Skills Foundations2Proficiency Courses2
Proficiency Courses2Primary Proficiency Lesson2
Primary Proficiency Lesson2Freshman Platform0
Secondary Proficiency Lesson1Secondary Proficiency Test0
Repertoire0Secondary Proficiency Lesson1
Performing Group0.5Keyboard Skills 1 (Remedial for Pianists)1
Introductory Music Seminar0Repertoire0
Old or New Testament Survey3Performing Group0.5
English Composition 13Old or New Testament Survey3
English Composition 23
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
Fall Spring 
Intermediate Aural Skills1Harmony 32
Harmony 22Proficiency Courses2
Proficiency Courses3Primary Proficiency Lesson2
Introduction to Music Technology2Sophomore Platform0
Primary Proficiency Lesson2Keyboard Skills 3 (Remedial for Pianists)1
Keyboard Skills 2 (Remedial for Pianists)1Repertoire0
Repertoire0Performing Group0.5
Performing Group0.5Christian Life and Leadership3
Baptist Heritage3The Modern World3
Math or Science Elective3Math or Science Elective3
Fall Spring 
Advanced Aural Skills1Counterpoint2
Harmony 42Advanced Conducting2
Elementary Conducting2Music History Course2
Music History Course2Music in the Local Church2
Proficiency Courses2Proficiency Courses2
Primary Proficiency Lesson2Primary Proficiency Lesson with Junior Recital2
Keyboard Skills 4 (Remedial for Pianists)1Repertoire0
Repertoire0Performing Group0.5
Performing Group0.5Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Fall Spring 
Music History Course2Hymnology3
Church Music Internship2Music History Course2
Proficiency Courses2Primary Proficiency Lesson with Senior Recital2
Primary Proficiency Lesson2Repertoire0
Repertoire0Performing Group0.5
Performing Group0.5Literature Elective3
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
American Studies Elective3Humanities Elective3
Humanities Elective3