Social Studies Education

Studying peoples

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 53 percent of 12th graders leave high school with “below basic” knowledge of U.S. history, while only 27 percent are considered proficient in civics. Maranatha’s Baptist Christian Social Studies Education degree program offers a well-rounded major to help reverse the trend and teach through a biblical lens. As a Social Studies Education major, you will receive a rigorous foundation in U.S. History and World History with a total of 36 credits of history. Also, to ensure a strong understanding of social studies, you’ll take 6 to 12 credits in the other studies disciplines like economics, political science, geography, psychology, and sociology.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Other options

“The History Education major provides the prospective teacher of history with competent knowledge of historical events, as considered through a biblical worldview. With courses in education and history, you’ll acquire an understanding of the global development of civilization as well as solid pedagogical skills for teaching. Get ready to gain experience in planning, supplementing, and evaluating the teaching-learning process. Look over the details for our History Education major.

Teacher licensure program

Teacher education graduates at Maranatha can apply for licensure through both the American Association of Christian Schools and the State of Wisconsin.

Our teacher education programs are approved for teacher certification through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Click here for more information on teacher licensing.

Your potential career

  • Social studies teacher
  • International business
  • Archivist
  • Researcher
  • Governmental relations
  • Lawyer
  • Lobbyist
  • Probation officer
  • Administrator

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring Summer 
Freshman Fieldwork0Foundations of Education2United States History 13
The Modern World3General Psychology3Developmental Psychology3
Introduction to Geography3Old or New Testament Survey3
Introduction to Sociology3English Composition 23
Old or New Testament Survey3Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
English Composition 13Math Elective3
Music Elective2
Fall Spring 
Instructional Media & Technology3Secondary School Reading3
Secondary & Middle School Teaching Methods2Sophomore Fieldwork0
Human Relations3United States History 23
Ancient Civilizations3Choose HUHI 250 or HUHI 3353
Early American Political Thought3History Elective3
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3Baptist Heritage3
Literature Elective3
Fall Spring Summer 
20th Century History3Teaching Social Studies3History Elective3
National Government3Junior Practicum0Bible Elective3
The Exceptional Child3American Constitutional History3
Macroeconomics3State and Local Government3
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23Microeconomics3
Life Science Elective3Intro to Physical Geography3
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Fall Spring 
Education Seminar0Student Teaching12
Pre-ST Portfolio Review0
Educational Assessment2
Classroom Management2
Historical Method & Philosophy3
History Elective3
Educational Psychology3
Sociology Elective2
Bible Elective3