Sport Management

Going beyond the game

If sport has played an important and enjoyable role in your life, consider sport management as a profession. In a variety of managerial, administrative, business and educational settings, thousands of Christians in the sport industry throughout the world are able to promote Christ.  

A career in sport can be in your future. The consumption of sport as recreational and professional entertainment has been embedded into modern culture for decades. It is a consistently expanding industry that currently generates an estimated $300 billion annually nationwide. Virtually thousands of exciting job opportunities open regularly in venues such as youth, high school, college, professional, recreational/community sport; sport tourism, sport marketing, sport media, sport facility management and event management.

If you have an interest in a career in sport but aren’t sure of the next steps, enroll in BUSP 111, Introduction into Sport Management. This class presents a thorough history of sport, examines the dynamics and functions of the sport management work environment and also provides an overview of the major employment areas, desired employee skill sets and job descriptions within the sport industry. 

The MBU Sport Management program provides three educational options. Students desiring a full-time career in sport should select the 64-credit Baptist Christian Sports Management degree program. For those students who would like to major in another field but would still benefit from sport management education, two options are available. The 18-credit sport management minor can be tailored to each student’s educational needs. There are four core classes which total 11 credits along with an additional seven required credits from 11 available sport management elective classes. For business majors only, there is a 12-credit sport management concentration available with two core classes totaling four credits along with an additional eight required credits from 11 available sport management elective classes. Additionally, any MBU student can enroll in any sport management class (prerequisites may apply) for their educational benefit to be counted as an elective class towards graduation.

The educational experience of an MBU sport management major includes a strong foundation of business and sport management concepts in areas of economics, sales, marketing/promotion, financing, budgeting, event planning/production, facility management, ethics of sport, and sport law. This broad range of subject area is designed to further expand employment opportunities.

The breadth, depth and rigor of the MBU Sport Management curriculum has been designed to align with the current guidelines, principles and essential common bodies of knowledge established by the NASSM (North American Society for Sport Management), COSMA (Commission on Sport Management Accreditation) and known sport industry standards. This ensures that to the highest degree possible, MBU sport management graduates will have received a high quality education that will enable them to organize, administer and facilitate sport programs in a variety of employment settings.

As sequential stepping stones to full-time employment, the MBU Sport Management major experience includes a variety of real world work experiences. There are three independent, 30-hour, 1-credit practicums and one independent, 400-hour, 12-credit internship; both requiring departmental preapproval. For the practicums, the student will shadow up to three sport management professionals of his or her choice (with departmental approval) and will also complete entry level work in those areas. MBU’s developing relationships with the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, Wisconsin Badgers Athletic Department and other regional sport organizations can offer valuable practicum and internship work opportunities.

These experiences provide MBU Sport Management students with unique opportunities to network within these organizations and also participate in entry-level work in the NBA, MLB and the Big 10 during their MBU undergraduate education. These practicum experiences will help prepare MBU students and potentially open doors for the 400-hour, 12-credit internship that can range from national sites such as the Chicago Bulls, Target Field (Minneapolis), Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Appleton), to local fitness facilities (YMCA/Gold’s Gym), golf courses, paintball facilities, regional sports commissions, media outlets or companies like Easton, Nike or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Students are encouraged to complete their 12-credit internship as their last MBU academic responsibility in order to be available for full-time employment should that opportunity arise. Students who do exemplary work in their internships are often offered positions within these companies for full-time employment.

“I gained a lot of valuable experience through my required internship and that led to my first job in sports.” – Steven Schmitz ('12)


Competitive Careers

Steven Schmitz (’12) landed a job as the Group Sales Account Executive for the Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports and Entertainment after completing his BS in Sport Management. He is in charge of selling group tickets to games and family shows, and he set the NBA record with his coworkers for the “most group tickets to one game” at a game against the Chicago Bulls in March 2015.

“My MBU degree allowed me to get hands-on experience in the community as well as the athletic department through the practicums,” Schmitz said. “I also gained a lot of valuable experience through my required internship, and that led to my first job in sports.”

Because of Schmitz’s Christian background, he was placed in charge of “Faith and Fellowship Night,” which, he explains, “is tailored to bringing out churches to experience a Pistons game, but also fellowship with other churches and learn from pro athletes about how their faith has impacted their lives in basketball.”

Our faculty knows sports

Sport Management Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor Keith Salscheider has 7 years of professional basketball playing experience in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. During this time, Keith was also involved in marketing, advertising, ticketing, promotions, community relations, media relations, contract negotiations, team management, health insurance, worker’s compensation, game management and athlete representation at many of his former professional teams and leagues. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management from St. Cloud State University (MN) in 2003, a Master’s degree in Athletic Administration from Edgewood College (WI) in 2012 and holds an Athletic Administrators License from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Those who have questions on anything from classes to career choices are encouraged to contact Professor Salscheider at 920-261-9300 or at

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Keith Salscheider

Your potential career

  • Interscholastic Athletic Directing / Coaching
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Administration / Coaching
  • Professional Sport League / Team Management
  • International Sport Administration
  • Sport Governance and Compliance
  • Event and Tournament Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Sport Ministry, Non-Profit Sport Agencies
  • Youth, Amateur, Community and Recreational Sport Administration
  • Campus Recreation
  • Sport Marketing Agencies
  • Professional Athlete Representation
  • City Sports Commission Management
  • Media Production
  • Media Coordinator
  • Sports Information Director
  • Promotion Director
  • Community Relations Director
  • Sport Tourism Management
  • Sport/Adventure Vacation Management
  • Sport Merchandise/Manufacturing
  • Sport Finance Management
  • Facility Management
  • Professor of Sport Management
  • Graduate Study

Your potential schedule

Fall Spring 
Introduction to Sport Management2Sport and Society2
Introduction to Business & Management3Microsoft Excel1
Computer Applications Seminar1Old or New Testament Survey3
Old or New Testament Survey3English Composition 23
English Composition 13Science Elective3
The Modern World3Math Elective3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
Fall Spring 
Leadership and Ethics in Sport3Financing Sport Operations3
Org & Admin of Athletics & PE3Campus Sport Management Practicum1
Principles of Accounting 14Sport Management Elective2
BUMG 211, 231, or BUMK 2513Microsoft Access1
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism3BUMG 211, 231, or BUMK 2513
Baptist Heritage3
Literature Elective3
Fall Spring 
Recreation Management Practicum1Sport Marketing and Public Relations3
BUMG 211, 231, or BUMK 2513Athletic Administration Practicum1
Business Law 13Microeconomics3
Macroeconomics3Bible Doctrine 1 or 23
Bible Doctrine 1 or 23American Studies Elective3
Music Elective2Open Elective3
Fall Spring 
Sport Management Elective3Internship12
Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Open Elective10Open Elective2